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Design, Applications, and Development of Single-Use Bioreactors: Design, Operation and Novel Applications

This chapter about single‐use bioreactors (SUBs) aims to provide an overview of the advances in this – compared with conventional bioreactors – young field of bioreactor development. The advantages for various applications of GMP and non‐GMP applications are described and compared with the disadvantages of SUBs. The various types of SUBs at various scales, ranging from microliter to cubic‐meter scale, are introduced and compared with each other. The design challenges and demands for sensor applications suited for single‐use technology are summarized. Finally, an overview of applications in the cultivation of mammalian, insect, and plant cell lines, for aerobic and anaerobic cultivation of bacteria, fungi, and yeast is presented as well as the application for phototrophic and heterotrophic algae. The area of application strongly depends on the demands of the cultures with respect to the power input, thus affecting the gas mass transfer and the mixing time. The suitability of parallel single‐use cultivation systems and their potential in combination with scale‐up studies is described. Although the range of application is nearly as broad as for conventional bioreactors, many challenges in terms of scalability, comparability, engineering characterization, and monitoring for SUBs still exist and need further development on the basis of recent achievements.

Authors: Nico M.G. Oosterhuis; Stefan Junne

Journal: Bioreactors: Design, Operation and Novel Applications

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