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Deviations from normal levels and patterns of vascular fluid shear play important roles in vascular physiology and pathophysiology by inducing adaptive as well as pathological (…)

Authors: White, Luke A.; Stevenson, Emily V.; Yun, J. Winny; Eshaq, Randa; Harris, Norman R.; Mills, David K.; Minagar, Alireza; Couraud, Pierre-Olivier; Alexander, J. Steven

Journal: Journal of Visualized Experiment (2016), Issue: 116

Transport of macromolecules across vascular endothelium and its modification by fluid mechanical forces are important for normal tissue function and in the development of athe (…)

Authors: Ghim, Mean; Alpresa, Paola; Yang, Sung-Wook; Braakman, Sietse T.; Gray, Stephen G.; Sherwin, Spencer J.; van Reeuwijk, Maarten; Weinberg, Peter D.

Journal: American Physiological Society - Heart and Circulatory Physiology, Volume: 313, Issue: 5, Pages: H959-H973

The increasing application of regenerative medicine has generated a growing demand for stem cells and their derivatives. Single-use bioreactors offer an attractive platform fo (…)

Authors: Nurhayati, Retno Wahyu; Ojima, Yoshihiro; Dohda, Takeaki; Kino-Oka, Masahiro

Journal: Biotechnology Progress (2018), Volume: 34, Issue: 2, Pages: 362-369

Biomedical coatings are used to promote the wear resistance and the biocompatibility of a mechanical heart valve. An orbital shaking test was proposed to assess the durability (…)

Authors: Cherng, Wen-Jin; Dong, Zuo-Syuan; Chou, Chau-Chang; Yeh, Chi-Hsiao; Pan, Yu-Heng

Journal: Micromachines, Volume: 8, Issue: 4

Methanol is a well-established carbon source and inducer for efficient protein production employing Pichia pastoris (P. pastoris) as a host on micro-, lab and industrial scale (…)

Authors: Fischer, Jasmin Elgin; Hatzl, Anna-Maria; Weninger, Astrid; Schmid, Christian; Glieder Anton

Journal: Bioengineering, Issue: 143

Bacillus spp. are used for the production of industrial enzymes but are also known to be capable of producing biopolymers such as poly(gamma-glutamic acid). Biopolymers increa (…)

Authors: Meissner, Lena; Kauffmann, Kira; Wengeler, Timo; Mitsunaga, Hitoshi; Fukusaki, Eiichiro; Buechs, Jochen

Journal: Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology, Volume: 42, Issue: 9, Pages: 1203-1215

Within industrial process development, powerful screening techniques are required to select the optimal biocatalyst regarding such process characteristics as cost effectivenes (…)

Authors: Rachinskiy, Kirill; Kunze, Martin; Graf, Careen; Schultze, Hergen; Boy, Matthias; Buechs, Jochen

Journal: Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Volume: 111, Issue: 2, Pages: 244-253

The oxygen transfer rate (OTR) and the biomass concentration are two important parameters describing a microbial fermentation. It has been shown before that (…)

Authors: Muehlmann, Martina Julia; Forsten, Eva; Noack, Saskia; Buechs, Jochen

Journal: Biotechnology Progress, Volume: 34, Issue: 6, Pages: 1543-1552

CO2 and O2 in the Sakaguchi flask headspace during culture was monitored via circulation direct monitoring and sampling system (CDMSS), a device with circulation bypass system (…)

Authors: Takahashi, Masato; Aoyagi, Hideki

Journal: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Volume: 102, Issue: 15, Pages: 6637-6645

Pectin is a rather complex and highly branched polysaccharide strengthening the plant cell wall. Thus, many different pectinases are required for an efficien (…)

Authors: Müller, Markus Jan; Stachurski, Sarah; Stoffels Peter; Schipper, Kerstin; Feldbrügge, Michael; Büchs, Jochen

Journal: Journal of Biological Engineering

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