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Mass transfer is known to play a critical role in bioprocess performance and henceforth monitoring dissolved O2 (DO) and dissolved CO2 (dCO2 (…)

Authors: Chopda, Viki R; Holzberg, Timothy; Ge, Xudong; Folio, Brando; Wong, Lynn; Tolosa, Michael; Kostov, Yordan; Tolosa, Leah; Rao, Govind

Journal: Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2020), Volume 117, Pages 992-998

Alginates are polysaccharides that are of interest in various industrial applications. This is due to the viscosifying properties of alginates, which depends on the weight-a (…)

Authors: García, Andres; Castillo, Tania; Ramos, Diego; Ahumada-Manuel, Carlos L.; Núñez, Cinthia; Galindo, Enrique; Büchs, Jochen; Peña, Carlos

Journal: Biotechnology Reports Volume 26, June 2020, e00436


5-Ketofructose (5-KF) has recently been identified as a promising non-nutritive natural sweetener. Gluconobacter oxydans strains have been (…)

Authors: Battling, Svenja; Wohlers, Karen; Igwe, Chika; Kranz, Angela; Pesch, Matthias; Wirtz, Astrid; Baumgart, Meike; Büchs, Jochen; Bott, Michael

Journal: Microbial Cell Factories (2020), Volume 19, Article 54

Dissolved carbon dioxide (dCO2) is a well‐known critical parameter in bioprocesses due to its significant impact on cell metabolism and on product quality attributes. Proces (…)

Authors: Chopda, Viki R.; Holzberg, Timothy; Ge, Xudong; Folio, Brandon; Tolosa, Michael; Kostov, Yordan; Tolosa, Leah; Rao, Govind

Journal: Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2020), Volume 117, Pages 981–991

Online measurements of off-gas streams are often crucial for studying bioconversion processes. However, for anaerobic processes, options for online off-gas analysis are (…)

Authors: Munch, Garret; Schulte, Andreas; Mann, Marcel; Dinger, Robert; Regestein, Lars; Rehmann, Lars; Büchs, Jochen

Journal: Biochemical Engineering Journal (2020), Volume 153, 107418


Production of 2,3-butanediol from renewable resources is a promising measure to decrease the consumption of fossil resources in the chem (…)

Authors: Benedikt Heyman1, Robin Lamm1, Hannah Tulke1, Lars Regestein1,2 and Jochen Büchs

Journal: Microbial Cell Factories (2019), 18:78

Protein production in Pichia pastoris is often based on the methanol‐inducible P AOX1 promoter which drives the expression of the targ (…)

Authors: Prielhofer, Roland; Reichinger, Michaela; Wagner, Nina; Claes, Katrien; Kiziak, Christoph; Gasser, Brigitte; Mattanovich, Diethard

Journal: Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2018), Volume 115, Issue 10, Pages 2479–2488.

The Vaccine Technology Conference series has been the main forum where industry, academia, public health authorities, and philanthropic organizations meet to facilitate (…)

Authors: Kamen, Amine A.; Lua, Linda H. L.; Mukhopadhyay, Tarit K.

Journal: Vaccine (2019), Volume 37, Issue 47, Pages 6931-6932

Growing insect cells with high air space in culture vessel is common from the early development of suspension cell culture. We believed and followed it with the hope th (…)

Authors: Rieffel, S; Roest, S; Klopp, J; Carnal, S; Marti, S; Gerhartz, B; Shrestha, B

Journal: MethodsX (2014) Volume 1, Pages 155–161

Stirred tank single-use bioreactors have proven their capability to successfully replace their stainless-steel counterparts in the biopharmaceutical industry. To date, (…)

Authors: Amer, Momer; Ramsey, Joshua D.

Journal: Biochemical Engineering Journal (2018), Volume 130, Pages 113-120

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