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Monitoring the environmental factors during shake-flask culture of microorganisms can help to optimise the initial steps of bioprocess development. Herein, we developed a circ (…)

Authors: Takahashi, Masato; Sawada, Yoshisuke; Aoyagi, Hideki

Journal: AMB Express; Volume: 7, Article Number: 163

Yet already developed in the 1980s, the rise of 3D printing technology did not start until the beginning of this millennium as important patents expired, which opened the tech (…)

Authors: Raddatz, Lukas; de Vries, Ingo; Austerjost, Jonas; Lavrentieva, Antonina; Geier, Dominik; Becker, Thomas; Beutel, Sascha; Scheper, Thomas

Journal: Engingeering in Life Sciences (August 2017), Volume: 17, Issue: 8, Pages: 931-939, Special Issue: SI

CFD (computational fluid dynamics) techniques were used to predict mixing and gas-liquid mass transfer in a 250 ml shake flask operating over a range of shaking frequencies be (…)

Authors: Zhang, H; Williams-Dalson, W; Keshavarz-Moore, E; Shamlou, PA

Journal: Biotechnology_and_Applied_Biochemistry (2. 2005), Volume: 41, Pages: 1-8, Part: 1

Disposable bioreactors based on orbital shaking technology have been employed extensively for mammalian cell culture, which proved to be less expensive and m (…)

Authors: Lu, Zhiming; Wang, Kang; Jin, Gaofeng; Huang, Kang; Huang, Jingfeng

Journal: Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (3.2018), Volume: 93, Issue: 3, Pages: 810-817

Development of orbital shaking technology for enhanced mixing with lower mechanical demand has been receiving significant attention since the advent of advanced mixing schemes (…)

Authors: Pouran, B.; Amoabediny, G.; Saghafinia, M. Sadegh; Abbas, M. P. Haji;

Journal: CHISA (2012), Volume: 42 Pages: 924-930

This work presents a numerical simulation of the flow inside agitated well plates commonly used to study bacterial biofilms. The time-varying wall shear stresses are deduced f (…)

Authors: Salek, M. Mehdi; Sattari, Pooria; Martinuzzi, Robert J.

Journal: 2010 IEEE 36th annual northeast bioengineering conference

Microtiter plates are a common tool for clone selection in biopharmaceutical development. A way of visualizing and evaluating these systems and key processes parameters is the (…)

Authors: Wutz Johannes; Steiner Robin; Assfalg Kerstin; Wucherpfennig Thomas

Journal: Biotechnology Progress

Although vertical column, flat-plate, tubular, bubble column and airlift photobioreactors are widely used for the cultivation of diatoms, it has been shown that bubble-induced (…)

Authors: Lehmann, Nicolai; Rischer, Heiko; Eibl, Dieter; Eibl, Regine

Journal: Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2013), Volume: 85, Issue: 1-2, Pages: 197-201, Special Issue: SI

The shear stresses derived from blood flow regulate many aspects of vascular and immunobiology. In vitro studies on the shear stress-mediated mechanobiology of endothelial cel (…)

Authors: Spruell, Christopher; Baker, Aaron B.

Journal: Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Volume: 110, Issue: 6, Pages: 1782-1793

A new computational model, using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), is presented that describes fluid behavior in cylindrical cell culture dishes resulting from motion impart (…)

Authors: R. Eric Berson; Matthew R. Purcell; M. Keith Sharp

Journal: Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXIX pp 189-198 (2018)

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