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Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) of the families Steinernematidae and Heterorhabditidae have a symbiotic association with bacteria which makes them virulent against insects. (…)

Authors: Leite, L. G.; Shapiro-Ilan, D. I.; Hazir, S.; Jackson, M. A.

Journal: Journal of Helminthology, Volume: 91, Issue: 6, Pages: 686-695

In this study, two mode decomposition techniques were applied and compared to assess the flow dynamics in an orbital shaken bioreactor (OSB) of cylindrical geometry and flat b (…)

Authors: Weheliye, Weheliye Hashi; Cagney, Neil; Rodriguez, Gregorio; Micheletti, Martina; Ducci, Andrea

Journal: Physics of Fluids, Volume: 30, Issue: 3

The authors conducted a three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation to calculate the flow field in the inverted frustoconical shaking bioreactor with 5 L w (…)

Authors: Zhu, Likuan; Zhang, Xueting; Cheng, Kai; Lv, Zhonghua; Zhang, Lei; Meng, Qingyong; Yuan, Shujie; Song, Boyan; Wang, Zhenlong

Journal: Biotechnology Progress, Volume: 34, Issue: 2, Pages: 478-485

Ethylene is an important plant hormone that controls many physiological processes in plants. Conventional methods for detecting ethylene include gas chromato (…)

Authors: Schulte, Andreas; Schilling, Jana Viola; Nolten, Jannis; Korona, Anna; Krömke, Hannes; Vennekötter, Jan-Bernd; Schillheim, Britta; Wessling, Matthias; Conrath, Uwe; Büchs, Jochen

Journal: BMC Plant Biology,

A high-throughput (HT) cell culture model has been established for the support of perfusion-based cell culture processes operating at high cell densities. To mimic perfusion, (…)

Authors: Villiger-Oberbek, Agata; Yang, Yang; Zhou, Weichang; Yang, Jianguo

Journal: Journal of Biotechnology (2015), Volume: 212, Pages: 21-29

High cell density (HCD) culture increases recombinant protein productivity via higher biomass. Compared to traditional fed-batch cultures, HCD is achieved by increased nutrien (…)

Authors: Gomez, Natalia; Ambhaikar, Malhar; Zhang, Li; Huang, Chung-Jr; Barkhordarian, Hedieh; Lull, Jonathan; Gutierrez, Chris

Journal: Biotechnology Progress (2017), Volume: 33, Issue: 2, Pages: 490-499

To investigate the effects of operational process conditions on expression of MHC class II protein from a stable Drosophila S2 cell line.

When the Drosophila S2 (…)

Authors: Shen, Xiao; Dojcinovic, Danijel; Baldi, Lucia; Hacker, David L.; Luescher, Immanuel F.; Wurm, Florian M.

Journal: Biotechnology Letters (2018), Volume: 40, Issue: 1, Pages: 85-92

Optimizing illumination is essential for optimizing the growth of phototrophic cells and their production of desired metabolites and/or biomass. This requires appropriate modu (…)

Authors: Socher, Maria Lisa; Lenk, Felix; Geipel, Katja; Schott, Carolin; Pueschel, Joachim; Haas, Christiane; Grasse, Christiane; Bley, Thomas; Steingroewer, Juliane

Journal: Engineering in Life Sciences, Volume: 14, Issue: 6, Pages: 658-666, Special Issue: SI

About 85 years have passed since the shaking culture was devised. Since then, various monitoring devices have been developed to measure culture parameters. O-2 consumed and CO (…)

Authors: Takahashi, Masato; Aoyagi, Hideki

Journal: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (2018), Volume: 102, Issue: 10, Pages: 4279-4289

Screening in the fed-batch operation mode is essential for biological cultivations facing challenges as oxygen limitation, osmotic inhibition, catabolite rep (…)

Authors: Philip P.; Kern D.; Goldmanns J.; Seiler F.; Schulte A.; Habicher T.; Büchs J.

Journal: Microbial Cell Factories (2018), Volume 17, Number 1, Page 1

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