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About 85 years have passed since the shaking culture was devised. Since then, various monitoring devices have been developed to measure culture parameters. O-2 consumed and CO (…)

Authors: Takahashi, Masato; Aoyagi, Hideki

Journal: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (2018), Volume: 102, Issue: 10, Pages: 4279-4289

Screening in the fed-batch operation mode is essential for biological cultivations facing challenges as oxygen limitation, osmotic inhibition, catabolite rep (…)

Authors: Philip P.; Kern D.; Goldmanns J.; Seiler F.; Schulte A.; Habicher T.; Büchs J.

Journal: Microbial Cell Factories (2018), Volume 17, Number 1, Page 1

A current trend in the production of biopharmaceuticals is the replacement of fixed stainless steel fluid-handling units with disposable plastic bags. Such single-use systems (…)

Authors: Hammond, Matthew; Marghitoiu, Liliana; Lee, Hans; Perez, Lourdes; Rogers, Gary; Nashed-Samuel, Yasser; Nunn, Heather; Kline, Sally

Journal: Biotechnology Progress (2014), Volume: 30, Issue: 2, Pages: 332-337

Single-use bioprocessing bags are gaining popularity due to ease of use, lower risk of contamination, and ease of process scale-up. Bis(2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphate (bDtB (…)

Authors: Shah, Rhythm R.; Linville, Taylor W.; Whynot, Andrew D.; Brazel, Christopher S.;

Journal: Biotechnology Progress (2016), Volume: 32, Issue: 5, Pages: 1318-1323

Stirred tank-bioreactors made of glass or steel, wave-mixed, and orbitally shaken bag bioreactors have all proven to be suitable for the rapid development and commercial produ (…)

Authors: Werner, Soren; Greulich, Judith; Geipel, Katja; Steingroewer, Juliane; Bley, Thomas; Eibl, Dieter

Journal: Engineering in Life Sciences (2014), Volume: 14, Issue: 6, Pages: 676-684, Special Issue: SI

A cylindrical container partially filled with a liquid in an orbital shaking motion, i.e., in circular translation with fixed orientation with respect to an inertial frame of (…)

Authors: Bouvard, Julien; Herreman, Wietze; Moisy, Frederic

Journal: Physical Review Fluids; Volume: 2, Issue: 8, Article Number: 084801

A significant challenge in cartilage tissue engineering is to successfully culture functional tissues that are sufficiently large to treat osteoarthritic joints. Transport lim (…)

Authors: Cigan, Alexander D.; Nims, Robert J.; Albro, Michael B.; Vunjak-Novakovic, Gordana; Hung, Clark T.; Ateshian, Gerard A.

Journal: Journal of Biomechanics; Volume: 47, Issue: 16, Pages: 3847-3854

Transient gene expression (TGE) from mammalian cells is an increasingly important tool for the rapid production of recombinant proteins for research applications in biochemist (…)

Authors: Hacker, David L.; Kiseljak, Divor; Rajendra, Yashas; Thurnheer, Sarah; Baldi, Lucia; Wurm, Florian M.

Journal: Protein Expression and Purification (2013), Volume: 92, Issue: 1, Pages: 67-76

To ensure high quality output of biotechnological processes, relevant process parameters need to be monitored. As bioprocesses are increasingly executed in single use bioreact (…)

Authors: Reinecke, T.; Biechele, P.; Frickhoeffer, M.; Scheper, T.; Zimmermann, S.

Journal: Procedia Engineering (2016), Volume: 168, Pages: 582-585

The baffled flask test (BFT) has been proposed by United States Environmental Protection Agency to be adopted as the official standard protocol for testing dispersant effectiv (…)

Authors: Zhao, Lin; Wang, Bing; Armenante, Piero M.; Conmy, Robyn; Boufadel, Michel C.

Journal: Journal of Environmental Engineering (2016), Volume: 142, Issue: 1

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